Largest cryptocurrency marketplace and exchange in the era


Kryptrx organization is ready to take on the blockchain world by launching their very own centralized exchange named “ Kryptrx.” They are stomping their way to embark on a journey that has set sail towards engraving the “TRUST” in centralized trading platforms in a decentral world by defying all the misguides, rules, and regulations that trick the traders into falsely trading their assets.

Kryptrx Exchange platform is ready to leverage the astonishing and amplified architecture of densely populated Ethereum blockchain all while grabbing the opportunity to implement layer 2 solutions for faster transactions and little to no gas charges.

Kryptrx platform has a highly sophisticated built along with the rigid as well as flexible policies and regulations that can be molded according to the situation calls.


All the problems that are plaguing the central exchanges in the blockchain universe have birthed the idea of why conduct business with a central authority when the whole concept behind decentralization is to remove it.

The solution provided by the Kryptrx is going to be groundbreaking testaments against the problems.


Implementation of the highly certified modern-day concept of “ONIONIZATION” for solutions to counter the cybersecurity attacks by layering up the security walls, Kryptrx is ready to make an everlasting impact on the decentral market.


Documentation related to the transactions of assets, policies, rules, regulations regarding platform intermediary involvement will be kept open for the platform users to instill a sense of responsibility, transparency, and trust.

Low Latency

Equipped with the fast and reliable duplex communicating server to communicate between blockchain and exchange within a matter of seconds will give the platform an edge and will definitely invite potential investors.

Plethora of Liquidity

Due to the utilities like “onionized” security layers, transparent policies and regulations, properly documented and deserving escrows, Kryptrx has established a sense of TRUST among the customers which will gain the traction of Digital footprint resulting in an ever-increasing liquidity pool.


ETHERLIN, a BEP-20 token and abbreviated as “ETL,” will be the official token of the exchange platform performing services and utilities which will impact the token holder’s pockets. ETL will provide the following utilities but are not limited to


Token holders can stake their tokens in a staking contract and will be rewarded with coins or utilities known as yieldings. Reward coins can be further staked to pile up a hefty yield.

Lock-in Period

Every staking contract is defined by a definite length of time. This length of time is known as the lock-in period. The rewards are based on this time frame. Greater the time, Bigger will be the reward.

Governance Rights

Token holders will be bombarded with rights to say in the matters of the platform. They will have a say in the introduction of new policies or new products, the right to be informed before making modifications, the right to vote, and many many more.

Token Burning

After a defined amount of time, usually multiple of 3 or after 12 months, a certain amount of tokens will be sent to the unusable address to render them from circulating in the market. This will help regulate the tokens in the market, Price volatility, New token introduction, and several more.

Coin details

Token Name Etherlin

Token standard: BEP 20

Decimals: 14

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Token Distribution

  • 100%Total supply

  • 5%Pre-sale

  • 5%ICO Listing

  • 10%Public sale

  • 20%Team

  • 25%Ecosystem Fund Reserve

  • 10%Rewards & Airdrop

  • 10%Governance & Staking

  • 15%Marketing

Road Map

  • Market research
  • Verification of technical feasibility
  • Verification of market feasibility
  • Token Deployment
  • PHASE2
  • Constitute the project team
  • Development of centralized crypto exchange platform
  • Creation of whitepaper
  • PHASE3
  • Seed Round
  • Private sale
  • Building community through campaigns
  • PHASE4
  • Public sale
  • Airdrops
  • Listing
  • PHASE 5
  • Launch of the centralized exchange platform
  • Deployment in Android & ios platform
  • PHASE6
  • NFT Marketplace development
  • Implementation of Fractional and Redeemable NFTs
  • Development of Decentralised exchange platform.

    has a well-versed group of cyber security experts to keep the platform norms and regulations up to date with the rest of the world. Kryptrx will onionize the security protocol by implementing security layers over layers to take precautionary measures when the time comes


    Extremely regulated and properly documented along with transparency among transactions is what drives you to choose CEX.

    Kryptrx security consists of onionized, layer over layer protocols, along with rigid as well as flexible adaptability.

    Staking along with Governance Rights will be offered to the token holders. High yield and flexible Lock-in periods are free add-ons.

    ETL will be up for Private as well as Public sales with a total of 1 Billion caps. Price can be checked on the official website.

    With the future proof plans put forth by Kryptrx about DEX and NFT Marketplace, It will be a sure-shot chance for mooning and tenfold your investments.